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As various reforms are taking place, the payers and providers need to collaborate and share risk the need to keep patients within the network is a priority.

Many networks lose patients due to a number of factors including patient choice.

Referral management is one factor Providers can control, and it's one of the best methods to for patient retention.

MindLeaf has experience (since 2004) implementing Referral Management and has implemented process(es) saving the hospital(s) cost and money.

For example, our process for Department of Defense Hospitals is widely accepted and used at all the US Air Force Hospitals in the world.

Referal Management

Pt = Patient | PCM = Primary Care
MCSC = Managed Care | CHCS/AHLTA = DoD electronic Health System

MindLeaf 's experience, skills and processes used to manage referrals, an accountable care organization, hospital or health system ,can significantly increase patient retention.

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