HIPAA Privacy Program

Click to see the MindLeaf Privacy & Security infographic
(Click to see the MindLeaf Privacy & Security infographic)

Hardly a week goes by that a patient/privacy
data breach does not occur.

So how will you protect your organization?

The Risks

  • Increased patient education and awareness has resulted in a signification increase in violation complaints to Federal/State government over the past two (2) years

  • A Privacy Act or HIPAA violation is costly for every organization in terms of cost, reputation and/or lost productivity to respond to the breach.

The Challenges

  • Legal and related compliance issues raised by the major topics impacting healthcare information, specifically Meaningful Use and HIPAA.

  • Under HIPAA privacy, Office of Civil Rights (OCR) audits could cause a significant amount of confusion and concern.

  • Based on recent breaches, what the provider organizations may do to increase preparedness and potentially minimize exposure going forward.

  • Right to access and privacy violations

  • Resources required to protect the organization such as education, training and additional staff.

While compliance can take up a significant amount of resources, it is essential to protect an organization.

The Solution

Protecting the organization is a challenge. MindLeaf and Iatric Systems have teamed together to provide a total solution inclusive of Process, Methodology and Legal Compliance to deliver a tailored analysis including:

  • Gap Assessment

  • Review OCR and

  • Assess compliance against the regulations

MindLeaf and Iatric Systems, Inc provide a Software as a Service (SaaS) based tool, the Security Audit Manager which provides the ability to:

  • Monitor, identify on patient privacy breach

  • Report on patient privacy risk analytics

  • Delivers real-time information

  • Audits the medical records

  • Eliminate a provider's in-house IT or additional compliance support resources

Our goal is to help Providers meet daily medical record needs.
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