The Only Total Scribing Solution Offering Physical, Virtual and Dictation Options to Address All Physician Preferences

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Currently, physicians spend almost 50% of their time documenting. MindLeaf gives you that time back providing high-quality dictation, physical and virtual options using ACMSS career scribes vs. one and done pre-med students.

Our medical scribing solutions are customized to meet the needs and preferences of all of your physicians and priced to fit the budgets of physicians groups, ambulatory clinics and hospitals with less than 200 beds.

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SkyWriter MD

MindLeaf's flexible account management model along with SkywriterMD's tools empower each physician by giving them the scribing option that best fits their clinical documentation needs and work preferences.

"The Root Causes of Physician Burnout & Practical Options for Addressing Them"

by MindLeaf's
Dr. Andrea Caliri

in Becker's Hospital Review

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