Breach Assesment

HIPAA Privacy

You don't always have the resources to address all your compliance, privacy, and cybe security concerns. That's why MindLeaf works with you to prioritize your HIPAA Privacy and Security threat and provide you with a managed service program customized to your specific needs.

Insider threats to patient data can continue unnoticed if not properly monitored. Insider wrongdoing affects three times as many patient records as insider errors. Up to a third of breach incidents often originate internally.

We use the same HIPAA Privacy and Security tools as some of the nation's largest institutions. Combined with our flexible service delivery model, the MindLeaf program is ideally suited to address the needs of your midsized to small organization. Our advanced HIPAA Privacy and Security services and customizable HIPAA templates help drive secure operational excellence.

Our HIPAA services help guide you to prevent non-compliance and reduces both the financial and reputational damage it can cause.

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