MindLeaf-Intel Breach Security Program

How does your breach security compare?

We invite you to engage in a 1 hour, confidential, and complementary assessment of your breach security to find out.

Breaches and ransomware are top of mind from a security standpoint across Health and Life Sciences (HLS) organizations. It is now more important than ever to ensure your breach security is on par or better than the industry. Intel Health and Life Sciences and several industry partners are currently running a global pilot program offering complementary, confidential breach security assessments for HLS organizations.

This engagement involves a free one hour meeting for the assessment conducted by MindLeaf, an Intel partner, and results in an extensive report that shows participating organizations how their breach security compares with the broader HLS industry. Analytics in the report include maturity, priorities and breach security capabilities compared to the HLS industry across 8 types of breaches and 42 security capabilities.

Key take-aways for participating HLS organizations include:

This report also includes traceability to key regulations and standards, enabling participants to see how addressing any gap may also help with compliance. An example report is attached for your preview.

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